Combi Cargo - Unaccompanied combined transport

Under Combi Cargo Rail Cargo Austria provides a complete range of multimodal transport services that are characterized by the use of the optimum transport mode. Our experts are at your disposal when it comes to planning your transports and day-to-day operation.

Multimodal transport chains offer the opportunity to purchase exactly that part of a transport service which is necessary to satisfy your own personal needs. At the interfaces (terminals, ports) use can also be made of additional services (stuffing/stripping, distribution, depot, repair...).

Whether containers (ISO- or EURO standard), swap bodies or semi-trailers Rail Cargo Austria makes the optimum rail wagon available. We also organize the collection or delivery of your loading units to/from the terminal, where the transshipment takes place between road and rail by means of gantry crane or reach stacker.

Your benefits

  • Block train systems allowing smooth transport flows
  • Experienced partners (operators and other RUs)
  • One single One-Stop-Shop for your transports
  • Transport connections to trade partners all over the world
  • Consistent quality controls and monitoring